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Friday 7 August


Almighty God, Your Spirit moves amongst us like a wind, and we do not always catch on to what He is doing or where He is going.  We want to be in control, jumping in and out of the work of God in His Kingdom; the Spirit requires our surrender to His will.  So break us down Lord God so that we might be built up and truly responsive to the work of the Spirit within.  AMEN

Pray as you are led today for people you know and for those who are sick.  Pray for their healing, and pray they know God’s blessing whether this be for direct healing or for sustained endurance through suffering.  Pray especially that those who suffer do not lose heart or lose faith.

(a testimony of faith in God based upon Psalm 49)

Hear this, all you who live in this world;

Both low and high, both rich and poor:

Why should we fear in times of trouble?

Those around us trust in property and wealth;

But all people are the same before God,

And no-one can buy everlasting life!

Do not be afraid when others become rich.

For they take nothing with them to the grave;

Nothing they own follows them down to hell

Whatever has happened to them here on earth!

Remember, wise and wealthy people will die;

All of them will go, fools and animals alike.

But God will ransom my soul from the grave!

And He will receive me in His home for ever!

Praise God forever … AMEN


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