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Friday 31 July


As people in many nations find their homes shattered by war, young people try to escape the carnage by travelling across the world to seek work and a new future.  They are often the economic migrants politicians and media love to hate.  Yet here are human beings with no chance of a life without escaping the chaos of their homelands and acting illegally.  Yes, we reject these people from our borders; but please pray, in the name of God, what are we doing?

Jesus, Lord of all, show us more of Yourself this day.  May we find You within every situation we hear of and in which we find ourselves; not because you have come as a result of our request, but because You are everywhere, and You love to be with those who suffer and need help, all the time.  Give us hearts to appreciate and value Your compassion and Your presence Lord Jesus, Saviour of all: AMEN

If you are troubled by something that has taken place:

Something you never thought would happen;

Something done by someone, close to you;

Something you want to forgive, yet troubles still.

Where do you go with your faith and your will?

Do you become angry, tell God what you think?

Do you say nothing to God, forget your faith?

Do you pray and search endlessly for peace?

What will you do? Will your faith hold in life’s trials?

Will you offend God, hurt others, harm yourself?

Will you seek the Lord, be consumed by distress?

Will love constrain your anger, or break out?

You cannot hide this; each one face such tests.

Life’s furnace refines faith, and only Christ sustains.


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Hebrews 2:10-15